What Causes Hair Loss!

Is your brush full of hair after combing? That doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad. A dermatologist explains the possible causes of hair loss here.

A look into the brush after combing reveals that there are clumps of precious hair hanging in it. What sometimes looks frightening is actually quite normal. People lose hair – lots of it, every day.

The hair cycle

The completely natural hair loss is a result of the hair cycle. Hair stays on the head for between three and seven years. Then the hair voluntarily falls into the clutches of a brush or comb. “We lose between 100 and 200 hairs every day,” says dermatologist Ute Siemann-Harms.

Infection can cause hair loss

If you suddenly notice a lot more hair falling out than usual, she advises you to think back three months. Did you have an infection? Or did you have an operation? “In such situations, several hair roots synchronize their cycle,” explains Siemann-Harms. The result: Around three months later, a lot of hair falls out at once. 

Consult your doctor if you experience sudden hair loss

If no such reason for the sudden loss can be found, it is worth visiting a doctor. In addition to hereditary hair loss, iron deficiency or a thyroid disorder can also be behind increased hair loss. “In this case, either the disorder must be treated or those affected must adjust their diet slightly.”

However, it is not true that any particular diet can influence normal hair loss. How often the hair is washed and which brush someone uses are also irrelevant. What you can do for your hair other than the generally recommended balanced, healthy diet is best discussed with your hairdresser.