Hearing Aids: Younger People More Positive Than Older People

Younger people want to use hearing aids to a greater extent than older people – even if the hearing loss is the same.

This is shown by a study from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI).

More and more people are using hearing aids – even though fewer and fewer suffer from hearing loss. Figures from FHI show that 5.8 percent used hearing aids in 2018. 

The researchers have used data from the Health Survey in Nord-Trøndelag (HUNT) in this study (HUNT 2 which was carried out in 1996–1998 and HUNT 4 which was carried out in 2017–2019). The data covers, among other things, measurements of hearing and self-reported use and usefulness of hearing aids.

The analysis of the data shows that among those with a so-called significant hearing loss, use increased from 46 percent (HUNT 2) to 64 percent (HUNT 4). Almost everyone was very satisfied with using a hearing aid. Those who were most satisfied were young women.

Those who think they benefit the least from the hearing aid are those with tinnitus and the elderly who are single.

Bo Engdahl is one of the researchers behind the study and tells the news release from FHI that living with someone and having children increases use.

– It is perhaps connected to the fact that those with impaired hearing who live with others and have close family have someone who is the driving force behind them using this useful aid, says Engdahl.