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Tips For Your Self-Care That Will Improve Your Physical And Mental Well-Being!


Self-care is a practice encouraged by the World Health Organization (WHO), which refers to an active and responsible attitude toward quality of life.

Practice a sport or do some physical activity

Sport is one of the pillars of healthy lifestyles. If you think you don’t have time or that your physical condition is not adequate, don’t worry. Sport is within everyone’s reach. Practicing long-term, moderate physical activity daily, such as brisk walking for 30 minutes, has numerous health benefits:

The World Health Organization (WHO) has updated its global physical activity recommendations and advises adults to get between 150 and 300 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity each week, including those with chronic illness or disability.

Take note of these tips to include sports in your self-care routine:

* When we run, the organs move down with each stride from the impact, while simultaneously the diaphragm moves up to expel air from the lungs when exhaling. The resulting tension can cause a sharp pain to appear on the side, which we call ” flatus “.

Take care of your hygiene

It is very important to maintain good personal hygiene and cleanliness of the home to prevent many diseases. We are in frequent contact with germs that can affect our state of health, we have lived experiences that have shown us our biological vulnerability to germs, therefore, we must continue with self-care measures,

Some essential tips are:

Sleep well

All the functions of our body are affected by lack of sleep: from the hormonal, immune, or respiratory systems to blood pressure or cardiovascular health.

In addition, several investigations indicate that not sleeping adequately can increase the risk of obesity, infections, and coronary diseases.

Well, how many hours of sleep are adequate? General recommendations depend on age and are as follows:

To sleep better, we recommend that you implement these habits:

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