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Such a skirt, such shoes – 16 shoe recommendations according to the model of the skirt


What type of shoes go with a particular skirt? A question that every woman has asked herself at least once in her life, a question to which there is no single answer. Although everyone’s style reflects both their personal choices and their personality, there are some guidelines for how different skirt styles match with footwear.

For this article we studied the rules of matching the most popular types of skirts with various shoes so that you look good and feel comfortable at the same time.

Pencil skirt + high heels
The pencil skirt is considered the sexiest of all skirt types. It has a cut that follows the shapes of the body, which makes it extremely feminine and sensual, but at the same time difficult to wear. Its length reaches below the knee, sometimes even to mid-calf, so it is recommended to wear it with high-heeled shoes. As an exception, it can be combined with low-soled shoes if you have very thin ankles.

The pencil skirt is combined with heels.
The pencil skirt is platform shoes. The pencil skirt is stiletto shoes .
1 The pencil skirt is sandals . It is well seasoned with a pair of high shoes to enhance the image of a mysterious and sensual woman, with an open toe and straps over the ankles.

The tulip skirt is combined with high heels
Heeled sandals 1
Swing skirt + medium or high heel shoes
Swing skirt is that type of skirt that is said to benefit any woman, regardless of body shape. And as for the matching footwear model, it gives you the freedom to choose and experiment.

For a more elegant but comfortable look, choose shoes with medium heels or platforms in matching colors.

A-line skirt with heels
Long a-
line skirt Circle skirt + heels
This type of skirt is usually mid-length, below the knee, and is made from lightweight materials that fall lightly and allow the skirt to twirl. It goes best with heeled shoes or sandals, which emphasize femininity.

The hoop skirt goes with classic, heeled shoes The
hoop skirt can be matched with heeled sandals and strappy
Long printed skirt + gladiator sandals or flip-flops
For a casual summer outfit with ethnic or bohemian vibes, choose a maxi skirt with print with sandals or flip-flops. Or why not, barefoot.

Long Print Skirt
High Heel Sandals + Tutu Skirt
Although tutu skirts make women look like dolls, they are extremely sensual and alluring. The best way to wear such a skirt is with a pair of elegant high-heeled sandals.

Tutu skirt with high sandals
Tutu skirt goes with heeled sandals
Even if you don’t like the Barbie style, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a tutu. Combine it with a pair of sneakers and add a hat and you will definitely succeed in achieving a feminine and authentic look.

Casual Tutu Skirt with Tennis
Asymmetrical Skirt + Heeled Shoes
Asymmetrical skirts were extremely popular in the past, but now they have become an outdated clothing item. It is best worn with a pair of heels to elongate the legs and balance the visual cut effect that such a skirt has.

Asymmetric skirt
Balloon skirt + heels
A pair of shoes or heeled sandals with a hidden or visible platform in the front are the recommended choice for such a skirt. Although it has an A-shape at the base, the balloon skirt is inflated with wide pleats, which, if stiff, can give the feeling of thickening the waist or hips.

However, it’s an elegant and feminine choice, whether you’re going for a dressier or more casual look.

Elegant balloon skirt with heels
Balloon skirt with sandals
Balloon skirt Balloon skirt
with platforms Ruffled
skirt + stiletto shoes
And this type of skirt brings a little complexity in terms of body shape compatibility. Recommended for women with narrow thighs who want to balance their body image from this point of view, the frilled mini skirt is only suitable for long, thin legs and must invariably be paired with stilettos.

Ruffled Skirt + Stilettos
Who Says A Mini Skirt Is Not Recommended For Elegant Outfits? Such a wide pleated skirt in satin or silk and seasoned with a pair of black stilettos turns this outfit into an inspired choice for a special evening.

Satin pleated mini skirt
With pleats + strappy sandals
A combination of items and colors that makes you think of classic, simple and feminine. Or smart casual.

Pleated mini skirt copy
Pleated + sneakers
What could be better for a schoolgirl look than a pleated fabric mini skirt worn with a pair of sneakers?

Pleated mini skirt
Denim skirt
The casual version: tenes
The straight denim skirt is the perfect choice when you want something comfortable, but it doesn’t look like you’re wearing pants. With a constant width from the hem to the hem, this skirt model benefits any body type, but wearing it gives up femininity in favor of comfort.

The stiletto variant
The denim pencil skirt is no exception to the expert recommendations for this cut, so wear it with a pair of pink stilettos. Why pink? To break the monotony of denim and bring an extra femininity.

Mini + slip-on
A pair of canvas slip-on shoes is the perfect option for a mini denim skirt. And a pair of toned legs, of course.

Denim mini skirt with sneakers
Denim pencil skirt with stilettos
Denim straight skirt with Converse sneakers
Accordion or pleated
skirt It’s that kind of skirt with many equal pleats, narrow, with a circle cut at the base. It is a skirt recommended for women with a narrow waist because it can create the feeling of thickening due to the pleats.

It can be combined with elegant shoes, with heels, or more sporty versions, depending on the occasion, material and print.

Wearing an animal print accordion skirt with sneakers has been a popular trend in recent years. And if you combine it with a leather jacket you will get a modern and cool look.

Casual Long Pleated Skirt Casual
Pleated Skirt
A favorite combination of women, white Converse sneakers and a blue midi pleated skirt exude a relaxed and aristocratic air.

For an elegant and refined outfit, you can choose an accordion skirt made of shiny material along with a pair of stiletto shoes and you will surely win hearts.

Pleated skirt
And for a sunny holiday you can opt for a pleated maxi skirt with flip-flops or low-soled sandals. And the indispensable hat.

Long pleated back skirt
Long pleated skirt
A-line skirt + heels
This type of skirt, as the name suggests, has a cut that widens towards the hem, but without pleats or pleats. It’s the kind of skirt that flatters anyone, regardless of waist thickness or hip width.

It pairs well with heels, but is just as well paired with something more casual.

line skirt Straight skirt + any type of shoes
This skirt, although it has an outdated air, has the great advantage of being able to be worn with any kind of shoes.

Midi straight skirt with heels
Straight leather skirt with sneakers
Straight skirt combined with platform sandals
Straight skirt
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