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7 Foods That You Will Fall In Love With And That Help You Lose Weight

Lose Weight
  1. Almonds contain protein and vitamin E, which co-stimulates the skin. Also, they are rich in fiber which helps reduce appetite for the next few hours. Let’s not forget to mention the fact that almonds are tasty raw or roasted with salt…they taste great. At Purdue University, they discovered that almonds are high in calories and they don’t contribute to fat deposition. So switch from greasy, E-laden chips to almonds and you’ll notice the difference.
  2. Do you say you have a stubborn stomach that won’t listen and constantly needs food? How about including a serving of green and leafy vegetables at every meal? Lettuce, cabbage, spinach, and broccoli are just a few examples, they are extremely low in calories and full of fiber. It also provides many vital vitamins for better functioning of the body. The minerals in them help with low water retention without causing bloating and discomfort like other vegetables do.
  3. Eating a portion of oats with milk every morning gives your body the necessary energy that you will consume throughout the day. Oats give you a feeling of fullness very quickly and can help you lose weight! It is the perfect choice for breakfast (instead of sugary cereals) as they are part of the low-calorie diet category. If you eat oats, you will feel full all the time. Do an oatmeal cleanse, eat it every morning, and you’ll notice that it lowers your cholesterol.
  4. Believe it or not, olive oil helps with weight loss. Olive oil contains polyunsaturated fats that suppress hunger. Olive oil also contains a natural chemical called oleic acid. This acid helps burn fat in the body. Olive oil can be consumed in the morning if it doesn’t make you too nauseous. It is advisable to take a spoonful of oil and hold the oil in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing to kill the bacteria on your tongue and mouth.
  5. Did you know that every bean contains fiber, nutrients, and protein? Beans are low in calories but help you have energy throughout the day because they release energy slowly. For this reason, you will feel full and the increased protein content helps you work your muscles more easily and tone them. So, stop eating burgers and eat more chili beans instead of chili beef.
  6. Mint has healing and digestive-calming properties, so if you want to start a diet, you must include this medicinal herb in your diet. The easiest way to do this is to start drinking peppermint tea and avoid the peppermint tea bought in the supermarket because it is not known exactly what it contains. Don’t be lazy, pick some mint leaves or buy from the market and dry them at home to make your tea. It is also effective for cleansing the skin!
  7. Green tea is recognized as a very healthy tea and it is recommended to drink one cup (minimum) every day. Drinking green tea helps the body eliminate unnecessary fluids and calms bloating. Bloating can be caused by a lack of water. Green tea speeds up your metabolism and helps burn fat you don’t need. It is also very beneficial in calming the nerves.
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