Foods That Help Maintain Or Lose Weight

One of the keys is to take the right proteins, which in addition to satiating, help activate the metabolism.

Low protein diets cause us to lose more muscle mass than weight (muscles feed on them) and this reduces our fat burning and ages our appearance.

In addition, proteins are satiating because they are digested slowly and because they suppress the hormone ghrelin, responsible for appetite, which helps with weight control.

Just like the fact that the body spends more energy digesting them than in the case of carbohydrates or fats.

Which ones are suitable

The best protein foods that can help keep the pounds under control are:

Hard-boiled eggs

This way they are more filling than soft-boiled ones and are low in calories.

Lean meats

Choose chicken, turkey, or rabbit. It is best to avoid preparations that may be full of fat (in empanadas, for example) or that make them too soft (such as shredded chicken).

Fish, especially bluefish

They cannot be missed several times a week due to their heart-healthy omega-3 acid. Bonito is the most filling, given its higher proportion of protein (25 g. per 100 g.), followed by tuna, anchovy, and salmon. Among white fish, ray is the most protein-rich.


Lupins and lentils are the legumes that top the list in terms of their satiating power.

Yogurt and fresh cheese

Among the latter, the healthiest are cottage cheese, Burgos cheese, low-fat cream cheese, and mozzarella. As for yogurt, the most suitable is the natural, unsweetened yogurt or the Greek yogurt.


They are a healthy snack and another suitable option for people looking for foods rich in plant-based protein. 100 grams contain 21 grams of protein. They provide probiotics, tryptophan, B vitamins, healthy fatty acids, fiber, and minerals.

At every meal

Protein should be present in the three main meals of the day. It is also a good idea to include it in snacks to avoid going hungry. For example, you can have a yogurt with a banana; some lentil hummus with some nuts; or a handful of dried fruit and some raspberries.