What you never thought you’d read about relationships…

Every day in various magazines you see tips on how to win over the man you like, how to get him to declare his eternal love and put the ring on your finger, and then there is the long list of tips on how to be pretty and docile with him to get all this. Wrong!

Docility will only get you to a man’s bed, not to a family built with him. Also, if you want to show what you can do and be a professional in bed to “turn him on your back”, I recommend you think again, because…compatibility is only good for blood transfusions… So be you yourself! Your sexual skills may bring him to your bed more than once, but that’s it, nothing more, a serious relationship can’t even be talked about.

If you think that the prince will appear on a white horse and take you as his wife just because you look good, that you invested all your money in clothes and accessories, even if you are full of debts, faces, hysterics and depression and that he will solve all these problems think again – let’s be serious! Remember that the clothes do not make the man, but the attitude, the performance, the culture, the attitude, the brilliance – YES!

The wise person is the one who creates harmony between head, heart and body. The woman is always the one who tries to hide and the man is the one who seeks. For him the search is a challenge. The man searches, persuades, writes love letters, sends gifts and does everything in his power; but once he is sexually satisfied, he begins to lose interest.

Competence is the most attractive thing in a woman. A man who wants a serious relationship will first look at the woman’s competence. He is even more demanding and even more materialistic than you. He will choose as his wife that woman who is able to run his house, raise his children, earn his own money and who will help and support him when needed. If you thought otherwise – bad luck!

The important thing is to respect yourself first, then he will respect you too, and if he doesn’t – leave him! You didn’t lose anything. Also, a man who will feel inferior to you will not know how to appreciate you, because he is too busy with his own frustrations – forget him!

More than sex and money, people want their worth to be recognized and appreciated. If you love him, show him that you appreciate him whenever you have the opportunity, without fearing that it is too much or that you are repeating yourself. In everyday life, don’t apologize because you have a certain opinion, if you live like that you will have remorse for the apology you asked for.

Men love strong, smart, sexy women who they can be proud of every second, and to distinguish a WOMAN from the rest, it’s not about luck, but about chemistry and common sense. Only she will have access to his heart. The “others” men see, have or reject. We are talking about standards here, those who judge superficially assume great risks and corresponding losses.

If you want his happiness with all your heart, even if his happiness is with someone else, if his simple presence near you makes you feel good, if you feel that it’s sunny outside (even if it’s raining) for the simple reason that you met him , that you spoke on the phone or that he gave you a message – congratulations! It means you love unconditionally.

The question that is “asked” is – do you have this power, can you love unconditionally…?