Male Potency Problems – Types, Causes And Solutions

The appearance of problems with potency in men is noted as a violation of the so-calledsexual response cycle. This cycle contains 4 phases, identical for both sexes. These are the arousal phase, the plateau, the true orgasm phase and the refractory phase. Disturbance in either between these phases leads to the appearance of a sexual problem. It can affect not only the sexual capabilities of the affected person, but also their quality of life.  

Basic potency problems in men

There are several major sexual dysfunctions that affect the stronger sex :  

  • erection problems – weak, short- term or completely absent erection  
  • premature ejaculation 
  • lack of sexual desire decrease in libido ) 

The main causes of male potency problems  

Two groups of factors lead to sexual dysfunctions : 

  • physical factors advancing age, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, neurological or hormonal disorders, side effects of certain drugs. All of these can affect male libido and sexual function.  
  • psychological factors – stressanxietyfatigueinsecurity can also lead to sexual dysfunctions. 

Which groups of men are at risk of developing potency problems?

The wide range of factors that cause these problems act in practice continuously in the daily life of the stronger sex . This means that every man is at risk of having sexual problems , even at a younger age , as shown by a number of scientific observations . The good news is that these problems can be successfully overcome if you rely on quality tools . _  

natural solution to male potency problems _ 

All men with decreased libido as well  as those affected by weak erection or premature ejaculation,  can rely on Kamagra ®. The product is designed to effectively improve sexual function and restore male sexual potency. _ _ _ _ Reception has been proven to help sex stronger to regain confidence and overcome the factors that led to problems of a sexual nature.  

The trouble-free effect is due to the combination of active ingredients – Tribulus terrestris extract, Maca, Ginseng and L-arginine. All four ingredients are related to the improvement of male sexual ability and in combination complement their effects. 

Since sexual problems affect both sex, women can also benefit from this effect . The intake of the product contributes to the stimulation of sexual desire and to the enhancement of sexual pleasure . The product does not have an immediate effect , but is intended for the long- term solution of sexual problems . It must be taken at least weeks before the effect appears _ There are no contraindications .  

How does a man react to a potency problem?

Sexual failures are a part of every man’s life. They can be accidental or permanent. 

Even in the presence of normal morning erections, in a situation of real intimate contact, a man may have difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection. The reasons are different, but in almost all medicines they have a solution and potency can be restored. 

The man, who has experienced sexual impotence, avoids talking about it. He begins to feel guilty, combined with anxiety about the possible loss of an erection. _ _ One line of conduct is to deliberately shorten the duration of intimate contact , which risks making it unsatisfactory for both partners. 

The other seeks ways to avoid intimate contact by manipulating everyday life : she puts off going to bed until she is sure she is already asleep ; he comes home late from work with the explanation that he is tired and is in a hurry to go to bed and fall asleep; invite friends or relatives and reduce the time to be alone; complains of ” headache ” . 

To deal with the situation, it is important for the man to first manage his psychological imbalance and then initiate a search for a lasting solution. Medicine has developed many methods to improve male potency. 

Among them, as the first line of the treatment algorithm, together with the drugs, the pulse therapy of the device is establishedIt is effective for the most common type of erectile dysfunction – vascular in nature, which damages the blood vessels, as well as Peyronie’s disease and prostatitis.   

Impaired blood supply creates conditions for “seizures “. An erection occurs after blood flow to the penis, and its duration depends on good blood supply. In damaged blood vessels, the erectile mechanism does not work normally.  

This is the site of the machine’s pulse therapy, which stimulates growth factors and helps form new blood vessels in the pelvic area. They strengthen the vascular network and improve blood circulation. The process is called neoangiogenesis and occurs normally in  a healthy body.

The procedures are quick and leave no trace. They are held 1-2 times weekaccording to a predetermined schedule in LASER MED-Sofia and Varna. Up to 3 weeks, the desired results related to the spontaneity and stability of the erection are observed, and the man regains the feeling of confidence in intimate moments.