How To Lose Weight Easily And Healthy After 50?

At any moment of our life we ​​can gain  weight. The younger we are , the easier it is to get rid of excess weight . 

However, with age , many things in our body and metabolism change , which prevents easy loss _ _ _ _ _ in weight If in my youth lost weight with just few weeks of diet and exercise , after the age of 50 things are not the same .  

One of the main reasons why losing weight after 50 is more difficult is that muscle mass is lost with age. The body changes after the 35th birthday and with aging every 10 years it loses an average of 3 to 5% of muscle mass and this greatly affects how fat is burned. 

At this crucial age of about 35 , the growth phase ends and the aging phase conditionally begins . _ Of course , this process is individual and for some people aging may start later or earlier . _ When this happens , the body _ your body starts not needing as much energy as it used to . _  

Why is it harder to lose weight after 50?

With age , joints become more difficult to move and injured . Concomitant diseases appear , some of them chronic . Metabolic processes slow down over time , even if a person is completely healthy . One of the best things you can do _ to lose weight at this age is to try something new Follow these tips to help you lose weight and improve your health .  

Get your hormones tested 

Talk to your doctor or endocrinologist about whether  you need to check your hormone status and which hormones to check . This will help you learn about your current health status as well as what diet will work best for you . _ _ _ _ _ The most common problem that can arise is that of the thyroid gland and its metabolic functions .  

Weight loss tips that have nothing to do with diet and exercise  

Set realistic goals 

If you are not in your 20s, then excessive weight loss as well as sudden weight loss can be very harmful for you . Drastic weight loss can cause the body to lose much of its collagen as we age . _ In addition, the sudden loss of a large parts of the weight can bring you health problems that you do not suspect .  

Consult a nutritionist 

The best thing you can do is to seek the expert opinion of a nutritionist who will provide you with the healthiest weight loss regimen for you , adapted to your age , the presence of certain diseases and your lifestyle . This is one of the most useful ways to get rid of extra pounds at this age .

Follow a structured plan  

Eating indiscriminately over 50 is more harmful than you think . During this time of your life , many popular diets don’t work and can be harmful . Try to follow the diet that your dietitian will recommend . to control your weight in a healthy way without deprivation and the  risky exclusion of whole food groups , without need . _  

Strength training _ 

At this age strength training , including weight training or body weight training , is very useful and effective in reducing weight . _ _ _ They speed up the metabolism and help build and maintain the muscle mass needed to reduce fat .   

Choose frugal activities  

People over the age of 50 often suffer from joint diseases and inflammation . Even if you don’t have joint and musculoskeletal health problems , choose sports and exercises that avoid joints to avoid unnecessary injuries . _  

Change your diet and the foods you eat Over 50, everything matters , both what you eat and how you eat it . Focus on portion control , do n’t overeat , but also avoid hunger .  

Reduces stress 

Stress is very dangerous for health It causes number of diseases slows down the metabolism and helps to accumulate such dangerous belly fat . Get more sleep and do your favorite activities to reduce stress . The secret to successful fat burning is short bursts of intense exercise.  Within 30 minutes, we alternate small periods of hard work with recovery breaks in a ratio of two to one. This rhythm can be applied in many sports – running, swimming, cycling, muscle exercises.