Men’s Reactions In The Case Of Refusal In The Bedroom

Rejecting your partner in the bedroom can attract a very wide range of responses from him. A study done by a dating site presented the 5 most common reactions that rejected men have.

5th place

It is also the most shocking behavior. The women who participated in this study complained that after a refusal, their partners got their hands on the phone and started calling or sending messages to find another partner to satisfy their sexual desire.

4th place

In this case, the rejected men treated the rejection as a joke. They were also the most understanding with their partners, which is the most attractive outcome of such a situation. Men who understand their girlfriend’s requests to stop and do not exert pressure on her are usually not refused.

3rd place

Personal charm, manipulation, and blackmail are the tricks used in this case by the partner in the hope that the beloved will give in and they will have a love match. These men will try all the tactics at their disposal to achieve their goals.

2nd place

The treatment of indifference or silence. After a refusal these men prefer to move away and not discuss the problem, this state can last for a day or two after which everything returns to normal as if nothing had happened, or at least until the next refusal when they take it from the beginning.

1st place

Nervousness or aggressive behavior. This is the most frequent reaction that men have in case of a refusal. It is possible subsequent this behavior covers deep feelings of rejection and embarrassment.

 Rejecting a man in the bedroom is a woman’s right, just as the man has the right to a sincere and often instinctive reaction.