Vegan diet with which Beyoncé lost 20 kilos in 22 days, is it healthy?

According to some media, the singer Beyoncé lost up to 20 kilos in 22 days. But how true or healthy is this? Find out!

’22 days nutrition’ is the name of Beyoncé’s diet that is promoted as a healthy, plant-based regimen that is effective and easy to follow.  For a time, the artist maintained this diet to lose weight after giving birth.

He did this in order to prepare for a performance at the Coachella Festival in 2018. However, his subsequent statements call into question some of the benefits of said diet. It is healthy? Let’s see.

Beyoncé’s diet or how to lose 20 kilos in 22 days

The singer, dancer, actress, producer and businesswoman Beyoncé Knowles steals attention for her outstanding figure. Hence the fact that many of her followers wonder what type of diets and habits she implements to stay radiant.

Related to this, a regime known as ’22 days nutrition’ became popular , a type of vegan diet that was implemented by the artist after giving birth to her twin children.

Through a series of videos on her social networks, she commented on having followed this plant-based program to lose weight in a healthy and fast way. And the singer had remained at 98 kilos even after giving birth ; Quite a bit for a person 1.70 tall.

Her goal was to look slimmer for a performance that would take place within the framework of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (California, USA), in 2018.

Beyoncé’s diet, as also made known in various media, was designed by her trainer and personal advisor, Marco Borges, whose ideas are collected in the book The 22-Day Revolution .

The singer’s husband, producer and rapper Jay Z, also joined the challenge. And for 44 days (a little longer than stipulated) the former Destiny’s Child vocalist remained on a vegetable basis. Of course, she achieved what she wanted: reaching 79 kilos again.

Then, considering that it had been a success, they decided to create a brand with the same name , to offer menus, products and food services, and promote healthy lifestyles.

It must be clarified that, in her case, Beyoncé’s diet did not only consist of eating vegetables, but also eliminated simple carbohydrates, sugars, alcoholic beverages, as well as dairy products, meats, fish, among others.However, in 2022 the artist acknowledged that she had to modify her vegan diet a little . As she commented, she felt that her mind was not working well. So she added some Omega3 and fish to her dishes.

2 days nutrition : what does it consist of?

The name of the diet is based on the belief that a habit can be formed in 21 days . In this case, it refers to eating well. However, in the denomination they add one more day.

The idea aims to consume foods of plant origin and preferably organic, particularly eliminating processed foods. For these purposes, in addition to meal plans, the company offers food products, such as protein bars, on its website.

It is ensured that these do not contain certain ingredients, such as:

  • components of animal origin,
  • genetically modified products,
  • gluten,
  • lactose or dairy,
  • artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

Additionally, there are other restrictions, such as those already mentioned (simple carbohydrates and alcohol). Additionally, in this diet it is recommended to avoid soy , despite it being one of the most common sources of vegan protein.

On the other hand, the user is given tools to follow healthy nutrition. Subscribing to the 22 Days Nutrition service allows you to have access to personalized recipes and plans, based on goals, dietary needs, the presence of allergies, or others.

Some examples of meals proposed within the menus include dishes such as the following:

  • Strawberry toast with sunflower butter.
  • Black beans with pumpkin millet.
  • Indonesian tempeh , served with brown rice.

As part of the program, the recommendation is also made to perform at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily . However, during her diet, Beyoncé did much more than this, due to the demanding rehearsals she performed prior to her presentation at the aforementioned Coachella festival.

Benefits and disadvantages of Beyoncé’s diet

Marco Borges, the creator of the system, states that it is actually about eliminating processed foods, which are not good for the body. In addition, he maintains that a plant-based diet increases energy, improves mood , cares for skin health and helps you sleep better.

Now, although there is no study to support the effectiveness of the 22-day nutrition plan , the veracity of some of these basic ideas has been proven. To cite an example, a study published in the Annual Review of Nutrition reaffirms that diets abundant in fruits, vegetables, and legumes predict favorable sleep outcomes.

Likewise, increasing the consumption of vegetables, reducing added sugars or eliminating alcohol is undoubtedly beneficial , from the point of view of preventing diseases (cardiovascular, renal, diabetes, fatty liver), reducing constipation, among other disorders. .

However, what refers to the increase in energy may be relative, since studies indicate that some foods of plant origin are quite low in calories (lettuce: 8 kcal), while others such as potatoes and bananas are high (144 and 105 kcal, respectively).

Now, as seen on the 22 days nutrition page , the calorie counts of the proposed plans reach about 1000 calories per day . This is quite low for someone who does a lot of physical activity, which could lead to fatigue.

And while a vegan diet can be healthy when all nutritional needs are met, Beyoncé’s diet is very strict, as it also limits the consumption of soy, as well as most carbohydrates, which are an important source of energy.

Finally, although it is commonly accepted, there is no evidence that a behavior becomes a habit in 21 days . A study in the European Journal of Social Psychology suggests that this can take much longer or much less: from 18 to 254 days.

Starting from this idea, it would not be strange if after spending three weeks eating only vegetables, many would return to their previous habits.

When fame guides nutrition

Eating healthy will always be a good thing, although it seems that we only remember it when a famous artist shows what she does in the media or on her social media accounts, as has happened with Beyoncé’s diet.

And it’s not that this is bad. The fact that behind the recommendations there is also a marketing strategy to sell a product or service is not even objectionable. If the cost of maintaining a healthy life is a subscription to a page, perhaps it would be worth paying for it .

However, doing so is ignoring a fundamental issue. To start an eating plan, whether to lose weight or for any purpose, it is advisable to first go to a health professional, have a medical check-up and then follow the recommendations given by a nutrition expert.

So the real problem with diets like these lies in generalization . That is, believing that they can work equally for all people, regardless of the activity they carry out, and without stopping to think about how each person’s health can be compromised.