5 Basic Principles for a Successful Marriage

Maybe this is a cliche, “And they lived happily ever after”, but life has shown us that all long-term relationships, in which harmony and good understanding extend over a very long period, are based on a very solid foundation. A foundation consolidated by these 5 principles:


A healthy relationship that will last over time cannot function without this main pillar. Trust in the loved one is the basis from which all love relationships must start.


Words of encouragement, kisses and hugs, and all the smaller or bigger gestures we do for the person next to us so that they don’t feel neglected, are the pillars of a relationship based on affection.


Your partner isn’t perfect, but neither are you. In a relationship, there will undoubtedly be arguments with more or less serious discussions, but respect for your partner will help you not to exceed certain limits. It will stop you from going down the wrong path. The more you feel and show your life partner that you respect him, the longer your marriage will last.


Another essential pillar in a long-term marriage is communication. Over time we indeed get to know our partner very well, to understand him and realize his needs, but we cannot read his thoughts. That’s why communication, agreement, and more or less important decisions are taken together. Because just by talking to the person next to you, you can talk about you as a couple.


For a relationship to last over time, effort is needed from both parties. Just as any building needs a lot of work to build, marriage also requires effort and a lot of work on the part of the partners for their relationship to build and last over time.

And the element that unites all these pillars and without which a healthy relationship cannot exist is LOVE.