Jealousy – Between Women And Men!

Jealousy is a complex emotion, it includes feelings from fear of abandonment to anger and humiliation and in some cases, it can lead to violence. Jealousy affects both men and women and usually arises when a person perceives a threat to a valuable relationship from a third party. The danger of losing a loved one can be real or only imaginary.

The irrational fear that someone could take our place, a multitude of negative thoughts, which most of the time are not real, are based on many unsatisfied needs or a lack of trust in one’s person, or simply a strong fear that we could be deceived

 Manifestations of jealousy in women

  • women put a lot of effort into looking for even the smallest clue to confirm their fear
  • if they have the opportunity, they will check their partner’s mobile phone or Facebook account, and several times a day
  • searching/checking the partner at different times of the day or night
  • a woman will always try to find out and get to know her partner’s entourage, and she will not back down from asking for confirmation from her lover’s friends
  • there are situations in which women will try to make their partner jealous to test his reactions and interest towards them and their relationship, or just as a response to the strong feeling of jealousy they feel.

 Manifestations of jealousy in men

  • the most common reaction of men’s jealousy would be: forbidding the partner to wear various articles of clothing – a partner dressed too “sexy”, stirs up a real storm in the jealous man’s mind
  • a partner appreciated or viewed in a certain way by another man – brings a bizarre reaction from the lover
  • forbidding the partner to go out in various groups or places without him
  • a very accurate time count – followed by an argument and for a delay of only 30 minutes
  • a kind of territory marking – the partner must always wear or use an object received from him (ring, keychain/chain with his/her picture)
  • aggression to dominate/control the loved one

Jealousy is a “difficult” part of love and if it is in excess, it can become an emotional wound for both partners and can lead to the breakup of the relationship. This cannot be overcome without a real confrontation, understanding, and change on the part of both partners. A psychotherapist can help you get over this kind of problem more easily.